Epic L-3 Adhesive - Over 20,000 Sold! - Pro Eyelash Extensions
Epic L-3 Adhesive - Over 20,000 Sold! - Pro Eyelash Extensions
Epic L-3 Adhesive - Over 20,000 Sold! - Pro Eyelash Extensions

Epic L-3 High Humidity Excellent Bond Adhesive

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Epic L-3 is considered the Super eyelash extension glue of Japan. Excellent performance under any condition!

Glue is resilient to all types of temperature & humidity. Works amazing for area that has extreme temperature or high humidity! Liquid in consistency helps for a smooth seamless look. With a super quick setting time for the most experienced technicians. With proper application this glue has excellent retention, lasting the whole life cycle of the natural lash. Our customer's top pick for hot and humid areas.



  •  Epic L-3
  • Tech Level: Advance
  • Color: Black
  • Retention: 6-8 Weeks
  • Setting Time: 1-2 Seconds
  • Viscosity: Liquid
  • Optimal Temperature:65-79°
  • Humidity: All
  • Fumes/Irritability: Med/High
  • Shake Well Before Use
  • Shelf Life: 5 Months Unopened

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Glue Info:

Store adhesive in a cool dry area, where temperature is constant. Refrigeration is not recommended

None of our glue contains Formaldehyde or Latex

Characteristic of glue is only an estimate and in no means you will have the same results. Room temperature, humidity, storage, shelf life and frequency of usage plays a key role on how well your glue/adhesive will perform.

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