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Eyelash Extension Super Bonder Glue Accelerator

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If you love you’re slow drying glue but would love to speed up the drying time, than this is the product for you.
This glue accelerator is applied to the natural lashes before applying extensions. It will speed up the drying process of any glue, curing the glue upon contact. Adds to the bonding strength of glue and helps lashes stay on longer. An added bonus!

How To Use:
Can be used with any type of glue
Eye's should be closed at all times
1) Prime natural lash
2) Use a microbrush/swab, apply a drop of accelerator. Brush over lashes concentrating on the top part of the natural lashes.
3) Apply lashes as usual



  • Accelerate glue curing
  • Size: 5ml
  • Can be used on any type of glue


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